06 February 2010

Step 6. You ARE worthy.

6.   Were entirely ready to remove the mythical defects from our character.

   Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Wrath, and Pride are all transgressions deemed by the Christian god worthy of eternal hellfire.   

     Then there's the Decalogue.  I will use the version from Exodus 20:2-17 rather than Exodus 34:11-27 or Deuteronomy 5:6-12.

     No other gods, no coveting your neighbor's property, no working or playing on the Sabbath, no smart-mouthing your parents.  There is to be definitely no idol worshiping, for He is jealous god and will punish children for the 'inequity' of the parents to the third and fourth generations.  Oh, and BTW don't commit adultery, lie, steal, or kill.  And we can't neglect the sin you are born with.  (But I suppose this dude sacrificed his only son [evidently he has lost the ability to reproduce] in order to change a rule that he himself had previously made. Makes perfect sense, but I digress...)

     Fortunately, if you find yourself guilty of any of the above sins, there are 'outs.'  Pray, keep coming back for the Sacraments (like confession, where you are given chants to magick away your sins,) resist temptation, keep busy and more.  Oh, and donate money.

     What a fucking scam.  I call bullshit.  Common human experiences framed as soul damning offenses.  Fomenting feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness in the masses.  Despicable.

     The Seven Deadlies should be avoided in excess, perhaps, but hellfire?  Everyone has committed all of them to some extent. They are inherent in the human condition. Gluttony and greed are particularly prevalent during the holiday season.  

     No other gods damn most of the world population (and sounds like an admission that there's competition among deities.) As for coveting your neighbor's property isn't 'keeping up with the Joneses' part of the competitive nature that drives our economy?  Sure, most of us honor our parents, but not all parents deserve it.  Besides, we were all teenagers once... Honor which Sabbath exactly?  No Idol worshiping; so all 'American Idol' viewers are condemning their progeny for four generations because he is a jealous god (who also feels the need to remind you that three comes before four.  Condescending and jealous.)

     I'm not in favor of adultery, but to those guilty, punishment by spousal wrath (there's one of the seven, again) and divorce attorneys is adequate.  Most lying is bad, but everyone lies a little and sometimes little lies can be harmless or even helpful.  This gods thing is not a little lie.

     If you need a book or imaginary friend to tell you that killing and stealing is wrong, you are a sociopath.

     I will tell you the same thing most religions do. You are flawed, so am I.  It is normal.  Don't let these phony transgressions bring fear or self-loathing, just work to overcome your flaws, if you can.  If you can't, learn to live with them.  I will not tell you that only I can help you, I will tell you that only you can help you. 

     Don't kill, steal, or lie (much.)  As for that other stuff, don't sweat it.  There is no hell.

Think Well