10 August 2008

Here I am, starting a blog on a Sunday morning. Getting out of bed is much more fun when you get to do something you want to do. I don't think they'd let me into church in my bathrobe, anyway.

Maybe blogging is my new Sunday morning ritual.

OK, here's the deal. Next week I'll post my takeoff of AA's twelve step program. We won't be kicking the booze, though, we'll be kicking religion! In the ensuing weeks, I'll go into more detail on each step, one step a week (or so.) After three months there will surely be more to discuss.

In the meantime if anyone has ideas for adapting any or all of AA's twelve steps, make some suggestions. No, I'm not trying to get you to do my 'work' for me (its already done.) I'm just curios about other ideas.


P.S. I know religion is important to many people. If you are religious, this blog may go places that may make your brain uncomfortable. Do not feel attacked. I don't know you, I am merely criticizing an idea you hold. Heroin is important to some people, too. That doesn't mean I have to think it's a good idea.


AIGBusted said...

This is an interesting blog. I'll be sure to come to back and check up on this from time to time.


Lee Vegas said...

Hey, thanks! I just started.


Lori Stephens said...

Hello Lee - Lori Stephens here. I wanted to introduce myself. Your blog came up in a Google search for "religion addiction", which is the very theme of the book that I just wrote and am promoting ("Alpha, Omega"). I hope you'll take a look at my blog, also here at Blogger. Cheers from a fellow warrior. :-)

Web: www.lori-stephens.com
Blog: loristephens.blogspot.com

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